The friendship between friends sometimes is strong, close, complicated, conflicting, happy, sad... HeartyBit allows us to cheer up friends, ease conflict, express care, or just provide a simple smile at the proper moment to relieve all kinds of pressure our friends have.

The relationship between couples sometimes is joyful, frictional, caring, or weeping... Emotion is like the note jumping on thepentachord, a small incident may interrupt the music... HeartyBit helps us to bravely deliver our love or melt the misunderstanding to bound the relationship tighter and stronger.

The interaction between parents and children sometimes cannot be expressed through verbal conversation. HeartyBit helps us to loudly convey our fellings and love.

The marriage between married couples sometimes is full of love and joy and in some cases full of pain and regret. HeartyBit adds fun, care and the sweet memories of the old tomes to every married couple's life.